Artist Statement

My art is about a personal exploration of the subject matter to which I choose to create since, inevitably, I am affected by the feeling or mood of the subject. There are no messages or hidden agendas, I let the paint and the canvas direct me to perfection, which in turn makes me very OCD with my art. Rather than trying to force my will on them, I give them total control. Each layer determines and guides the next.

My creations are a form of meditation. When I paint it tends to send me into a whole thought process that transports me to another world, a very addictive but rewarding ritual. It is very deep, and inexplicably satisfying. Regardless of whether the subject is something of an abstract or as awe inspiring as the beauty and sensuality of the female nude figure, it has to speak to me in some way.

I simply always get tremendous satisfaction from the act of drawing and watching my artwork materialize right in front of me. I will not sign the work until I feel it has taken on a soul of its own.

My mission is to touch as many people with my art in the same way that I am touched by it after it is created.